Credit Balance Refunds

Credit balance refunds typically result from schedule adjustments, health insurance waiver, over-payment, financial aid, or confirmation deposits. Regardless of who paid the bill (except for parent loan refunds designated for the parent borrower, or when refunded to a credit card), refunds are issued in the student's name.

By default, credit balance accounts with financial aid will be issued a refund within 14 business days of the posted credits exceeding charges. Mailed checks may take up to three weeks to be received by the student. Students have the option to enroll in direct deposit for tuition account refunds. Direct deposit allows the refund to be conveniently delivered into the designated bank account.

About Direct Deposit (Electronic Refunds)

Students are encouraged to complete Electronic Refund information to have financial aid or other student account refunds deposited directly into a checking or savings account – any bank, anywhere in the US. This is the same safe, secure process that is used to deposit payroll checks.

Please be sure to keep your bank account information up to date. Failure to have current Electronic Refund information will delay your refund.

Things to remember:

  1. If you change your bank account, you will need to update your account information so that future direct deposits are sent to your correct account.
  2. If you close your bank account, you must remove that account from the Electronic Refund Direct Deposit Bank Account listing. Funds will not post to a closed checking account, and there will be a delay in disbursement while the Bursar’s Office is waiting for the rejected deposit to be returned by the bank.

How to Enroll

  1. Login to Esther
  2. Select Student Services and Account Information link.
  3. Under Account Summary - Pay My Bill - Bill Payment Suite, select Payment Suite.
  4. Select Electronic Refunds located on the My Profile Setup menu in the upper, right corner of the screen.

Unsure about the components of your check? Below is a diagram to assist:

sample check

About International Direct Deposits

Students may choose to have their student account refunds directly deposited to a bank account outside of the United States. This service provides a quick and secure process for depositing refund payments to international banks in the local currency.

The process begins with you! If you would like for your student account refund to be directly deposited to an international bank account, please complete the International Refund Profile Request Form. Once the form is completed, and e-mail will be sent to you with next-step instructions.

Complete the International Refund Profile Request now.

Already have an international direct deposit refund profile? No need to submit a new request. You can access your profile information on the Rice University International Refund Portal.

Refunds to Credit Cards

If a payment have been made on your account using a credit card, we will issue refunds back to the credit card used for payment first before issuing any cash refund. The university cannot issue cash refunds for credit card payments. This procedure will apply to all refunds including those generated by financial aid or scholarships. Please be aware that if someone else pays on your account with a credit card then your refund may go back to that card. Contact our office if you have any questions as to how credit card payments/refunds will work.

Request a Refund

Student account credits resulting from excess Federal Financial Aid payments, scholarship payments, and loan payments are automatically refunded by the Bursar’s Office, however, there may be certain circumstances where credits on student accounts occur that may not be automatically refunded at the time the credit balance is created. Reversed charges, over payments, tuition waivers, and other varying factors may lead to a credit balance on a student account.

If there is a credit on your student account and you would like to be considered for refund, please e-mail with your request.