Annual Petty Cash Certification Procedure

As part of our year-end closeout process, each year, the Bursar’s Office is required to certify Petty Cash Funds; a process of verification to confirm the amount issued to departments is physically on hand or is accounted for through unreimbursed expenses.

Instructions for completing this process are as follows:

  1. Complete the Petty Cash Fund Request, (fillable PDF). Please indicate your department’s use/need for the funds in the Request Purpose section.
  2. Complete the Petty Cash Fund Reconciliation (fillable PDF)
  3. Once complete, the form must be signed by you as the custodian and by a signature authority having authority for Finance Org Code .
  4. Forward the signed, electronic or scanned copies of each form together to Forms may also be delivered in person, interdepartmental mail or by fax. Please consider routing time so that forms are received by the requested due date.

Petty Cash Fund Reconciliations not received by the deadline indicated on the notification from the Bursar’s Office may result in the cash fund being charged to your department fund/org and the petty cash fund being closed.